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botox el paso

There’s a stipulation that one must be “older” or in a milestone age of wisdom to seek Botox treatments. This is simply untrue! You can receive Botox treatments at any point during your adult life. The treatments help with unwanted lines in the face that may actually develop during earlier stages of life. Whether you have lines from squinting, frowning, or perhaps you are a little wiser with wrinkles, Botox can be an option for you!

What Happens during the Treatment?

Your doctor will inject small amounts of Botox into the targeted area with a small needle. The injections are distributed under the skin and into the muscles. The amount of injections is specific to the area being treated. This process should take about 30 minutes and usually there is no down time. Pain is usually very minimal, but the specialist can provide you with a cold pack 20-30 minutes prior to the treatment.

What are the Side Effects?

Although Botox is FDA approved, like any treatment, side effects are a possibility. Some side effects include, but are not limited to, the following: headaches, muscle weakness near injected area(s), bruising, pain, redness, swelling, itchy or watery eyes, dizziness and drowsiness.

How Good are are the Results?

Of course, results vary from patient to patient, depending on what they were treating and how well the treatment was administered.* However, you should find that your own results are similar to the ones below.

botox el paso

Botox el paso

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Web browsing can only get you so far when it comes to looking at such procedures and treatments as this one. If you want the best results and to be sure that you are accurately informed, contact us at our office (located in El Paso, Texas) for a consultation today and let one of our doctors help you in your journey toward becoming a happier you!

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