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Facial Veins El Paso

facial veins el paso
Facial veins occur when the capillaries in the face show through the skin, usually due to aging or skin disorders. They can be hard to get rid of, but thanks to modern technology, you have multiple options for quick results. Treatments range from creams, to injections, to lasers. To find out which treatment would be best to help you reach your beauty goals, you should schedule a consultation with our office in El Paso. During a consultation, an esthetician will observe and analyze the current state of your skin. You can also use this time to address any concerns you may have regarding different procedures.

Laser Treatment for Facial Veins?

Before the treatment begins, the doctor will give you safety goggles to wear. There shouldn’t be any ointments or oils on the surface of your skin before receiving this treatment. You shouldn’t expect pain from laser treatment, though you may be subjected to a warm sensation. Anesthesia is unnecessary, as this is not a surgical procedure. During treatment, the laser omits beams of light that targets the veins and closes them. Usually, multiple sessions are needed to achieve the desired results, but the number of sessions is specific to the patient. This is something that will be discussed during consultation.

After the Treatment

Recover time is typically short. You may experience side effects such as a burning or prickling sensation, clotting in the treatment area, or discoloration of the skin. If you have any concerns about what you are experiencing after treatment, it’s best to contact your doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and follow up as needed. Individual results may vary, but you should expect to begin seeing results gradually following the first treatment.

Scheduling a consultation

If you wish to schedule your consultation for facial vein removal treatments, or any other services, contact our office located in El Paso, Texas.

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