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Unwanted fat in the chin area can be irksome and ruin a good photo. kybella el pasoUnlike fat around the stomach, you can’t exactly target that area in a cardio workout. Our El Paso office now offers a solution for stubborn, fatty chins. Kybella is an injectable remedy for getting rid of a double-chin. It actually works by absorbing/destroying the fat in the injected area. It has yet to be tested for other areas of the body, but results are looking good for the chin!

What is Treatment Like?

Treatment is as simple as most aesthetic injections. The doctor will likely provide you with ice or a cold pack to numb the area before starting. Then, you will receive multiple, quick injections with a small needle under the chin. The amount of injections and number of treatments will be based on your desired results. On average, patients may experience up to 50 injections per session, and about 6 sessions for full results. These sessions should be spread out, but consistent—about every 4 weeks or so.

How Long Before Seeing Results?

You should be able to visibly see results after 2-4 sessions. Recovery is same day, but the reduction of fat in the chin area is gradual. Individual results vary patient to patient. Results also depend on how the injections were administered and your personal goals. For the best results, you should follow the instructions given to you by your doctor and be consistent with your sessions.

Kybella el paso

*Individual results may vary.

kybella el paso

Side Effects

Common Kybella side effects include the following: pain, swelling, bruising, redness of the injected area, numbness or firmness of the injected area. Side effects shouldn’t be long-term (more than a week). If you are experiencing any other effects such as difficulty breathing or swallowing, or other parts of your face are being affected then you should contact your doctor immediately.

More Information

Contact our office located in El Paso, Texas for more information regarding Kybella, or any other services you may be interested in. Our staff will assist you in scheduling a consultation and beginning your cosmetic journey.

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