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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be frustrating and tedious to get rid of. We now live in a day and age where there’s little reason to deal with time-consuming, everyday tasks like this one. Laser hair removal can be the answer to your troubles, but like any other procedure should be carefully considered. Contacting our El Paso office for a consultation can put your worries at ease, as our specialist can address any concerns you may have.

laser hair removal el paso


Before you can actually come in for this treatment, you have to do a little preparation first. You should avoid tanning, plucking and waxing the area you want to treat. You should shave the area beforehand and clean it as well as possible prior to receiving laser treatment. This means you shouldn’t have any lotion, cosmetics or oils on your skin. This is very important, as the doctor will express to you during your consultation. Deodorant should also be removed prior to the treatment. Darker complexions (pigments with more melanin) may require bleaching cream in the weeks preceding the treatment.


What Happens During Laser Hair Removal?

You can expect the targeted area to be covered in anesthetic cream or a warm compress. You will also be wearing protective eyewear. Once these preparations are complete, the technician will begin the treatment. The waves of the laser will be absorbed by your pigment and target the hair follicles. The follicles are damaged to prevent hair growth in the future.

Is it Painful?

There is little to no pain with laser hair removal. It is important to get as close of a shave as possible, so that you don’t feel the laser attacking the follicles.


Laser hair removal requires multiple appointments. The number of sessions is specific to each patient. It can be 3-8 sessions for desired results. It is important to be consistent in sessions (about 4 weeks apart) for best results possible. Results can last several months, to years. Individual results vary.

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