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Obstetric Care

obstetric care el paso

We provide a variety of obstetric care services offered in El Paso to help you plan for, and give birth to, a healthy baby. Our friendly staff will make you feel right at home with family, in an environment that will make you most comfortable while discussing such intimate subjects.

 Pre-Conception Care and Planning

Counseling prior to conception can help identify potential risks that could affect your pregnancy. Knowing ahead of time can help in preventing future complications. Some important topics to discuss during one of these meetings would be family health history, your own medical history and current medical conditions, including medications you’re taking. All of these can contribute to risk factors that your OB/GYN will try to spot early on, giving you the best advice they can for you to have a successful conception and pregnancy.

Prenatal and Postnatal Careobstetric care el paso

Women that choose to receive consistent prenatal care are more likely to have healthier babies. We offer prenatal and postnatal care to nurture both your baby’s well-being, as well as your own. Acknowledging that your physical and psychological health can affect your baby directly, we will continue to monitor your condition throughout the pregnancy.


Ultrasound scans help us monitor the fetus and pelvic organs through soundwaves. It’s very much safe and you’ll find that it’s not at all as invasive as it sounds. We have a professional, registered sonographeobstetric care el pasor that will conduct the scan, which will be followed up by your OB/GYN.


High Risk Pregnancy

We monitor high risk pregnancies closely to ensure that your pregnancy is successful. You can receive advice on weight, diet, substances you should avoid and much more. It strongly recommended that if you are at high risk that you see a doctor regularly for prenatal appointments. You should also schedule a pre-conception appointment if you believe that there is a chance you will have a high risk pregnancy

More Information

For more information about our obstetric services, contact our office located in El Paso, Texas. We will be happy to schedule an appointment or consultation for other services and treatments we offer as well.

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