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Scar Removal

Some of us are clumsier than others, while some of us have experienced traumatic accidents—all of which leads to a healing process that could involve scarring. Scars can be a constant reminder of traumatic scar removal el pasoexperiences and deplete your confidence. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! There are different ways to get rid of scars that you should consider. In the age of technology, we never really have to deal with much. However, most people don’t know about the various options and services that exist today in El Paso; scar removal treatments that can help you achieve your beauty goals.

Types of Treatments and Scars

There are different types of scars that have varying effects on the skin. Because of this, there are different ways to treat each type of scar to achieve the best results possible. You may have tried cortisone and fade creams, but lasers and fillers may be another option for you. Abrasive lasers can vaporize your scar, while laser skin resurfacing can increase the collagen in your skin. Fillers can treat acne scars that leave behind indentations.

Acne scars are possibly the most common. A lot of people experience having acne when they go through their pubescent years, or sometimes allergic reactions can result in breakouts. Severe acne tends to leave behind troublesome scars that cause discoloration.

Keloid scars usually more aggressive in healing and are bigger than the original injury. They are more common in darker complexions than others. You can treat keloids with steroid injections, have them surgically removed, or freeze them off with cryotherapy if they are small.

Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloids, but they are usually red and don’t go beyond the initial size of the injury. They also share treatment similarities.

Contracture scars are due to burns. They tighten the skin and can be embedded deeper in the skin, affecting the muscles and movement.

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