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We now offer a solution to El Paso residents with stubborn fat. SculpSure is the innovative laser fat removal procedure that aims to reduce fat found around the abdomen region. SculpSure helps you achieve your fat loss and aesthetic goals by incorporating a hyperthermic laser to isolate stubborn fat cells in and around the abdomen region. The procedure is non-invasive, which means it’s non-surgical and recovery time is minimal. Traditional diet and exercise will most definitely decrease the fat around your abdomen region, however, even after dietary change, love handles and other problematic areas may still stay with the body. That is where SculpSure can help you bridge the gap to your health and aesthetic goals.

SculpSure could be your answer if after dedicated exercise and weight loss you still have regions of body fat that will not go away. Sculpsure is designed to treat these areas, including abdominal fat and love handles. Sculpsure takes around 25 minutes for each treated region. The best part about Sculpsure is that there is no invasive surgery or downtime!

sculpsure el paso

*Individual results may vary

How Does SculpSure Work?

Sculpsure destroys up to 24% of the treated fat cells without the need for liposuction or any other form of surgery.  The majority of Sculpsure patients see immediate results in just one treatment alone, however, multiple treatments may be needed to reach maximum results. sculpsure el paso


Is SculpSure Right for me?

SculpSure is ideal for any candidate who has attempted to lose body fat with proper diet and exercise and still have not seen the results that they desire.


What Should I Expect During the Treatment?

The majority of patients that use Sculpsure experience a tingling sensation throughout the treatment. This sensation is well-tolerated with patients and no major cases of pain have been reported with use of Sculpsure.

sculpsure el paso

*Individual results may vary


When Will I See Results With Sculpsure?

Many patients start to see results as early as six weeks following the Sculpsure treatment.  The body will start evacuating the fat cells after treatment and optimal results are seen after 12 weeks.


Is Sculpsure Permanent?

The fat cells will be permanently destroyed without the possibility of regeneration. With this in mind, results are expected to be permanent.


What Is The Difference Between “Fat Loss” and “Weight Loss?”

Our bodies typically have a constant amount of fat cells in their body throughout adult life.  The destroyed fat cells will never return once the individual undergoes a Sculpsure treatment.  As the body loses weight, the size of the fat cells in the body become smaller.  This means that with diet and exercise, weight loss can be achieved, but the fat cells will still remain in the body.

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