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Smart Liposmart lipo el paso

If you have excess fat that you want to get rid of but you want to avoid surgery, Smart Lipo might be the solution for you! Smart Lipo is an innovative new alternative to traditional Liposuction. While Liposuction is a surgical procedure with a long downtime, Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive treatment with little to no downtime.*
During a Smart Lipo treatment, a laser is inserted into the skin through a small incision and used to liquefy fat cells and suck them out. Improvements should be visible immediately after treatment, but it may take up to 3 months to see the full results, and you may need several treatments to receive the best results. Your body does not produce new fat cells to replace the ones lost, so results can last for years. Maintaining a good exercise routine and healthy diet can help you to keep the fat from returning.*
Don’t wait any longer to get rid of your muffin top, love handles, or other areas of excess fat! Contact us today to set up a free consultation at our El Paso office. Our highly trained staff will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your treatment options to help you look glamorous and red-carpet ready!*

What Are The Benefits?*

• Minimally invasive*
• Tightens the skin*
• Reduced bruising and bleeding*
• Shorter downtime*

What Do Results Look Like?*

smartlipo el paso

Although individual results will vary, you can expect your Smart Lipo results to appear similar to the ones shown above.*

What About Side Effects?

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, side effects from a Smart Lipo treatment are generally very mild. You may experience some minor bruising, swelling, redness, soreness, skin discoloration or lumpiness at the treatment site, but these should go away on their own shortly. Your doctor can discuss ways to minimize side effects with you when you go in for a consultation before your treatment.
If you’re ready to get started on your Smart Lipo treatment, contact us to schedule your consultation at our El Paso office. We can sit down with you and decide on a treatment plan that can help you get the results you’ve been dreaming of!*
*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any claims that Smart Lipo can help treat excess fat or tighten skin. Come in for a free consultation to discuss what sort of results you can expect to receive from a Smart Lipo treatment.

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